Confirm you have received your account activation email.  Check your spam/junk folder as it sometimes ends up there. If you encounter any issues during activation please see this article: Activate Your Account

Once you have activated your account, log into the BeBop MCP Web Portal, and download/install the BeBop Desktop Client for MacOS or Windows.  If you encounter an error message when installing on macOS, please refer to this Apple support article.

The BeBop Desktop client is used by both Virtual and Remote subscriptions, so there are a few menus that are not used with your subscription. On the left-hand side, navigate down to the Flex menu as shown below. At this stage download and install the Lucid client before connecting to your Flex storage.  There is no need to log into the Lucid Link console when it presents.  You can close it as it just runs in the background as a service. You can now mount your Flex storage by clicking on the “Mount” button under the Projects section.

There may be a small delay as the Flex storage is indexing but after that you will see it appear in the Finder (macOS) or Windows Explorer (Win) as a mounted network drive.  You can now copy files to and from it or playback and render to it directly from your creative applications.  Although Flex is in the cloud it will behave as a locally mounted drive shared with the other users in your team. Woo Hoo! For further reading see this solutions article: First Steps with BeBop Flex.

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