Please make sure to check your SPAM for an email from:

The user will receive the following email from BeBop after a User Account is created by BeBop Support.

Click on "Activate" on the email message to get started.

Next, create a password.
BeBop suggests using a password that is easy to remember but hard to guess as not all logins will allow access from a password manager.

Choose a password that matches the following conditions.

Once all checkmarks are green, select "Activate"

Congratulations! Your account has been activated. Select "Continue".

You are now ready to login. Enter your email address and password. 

***email address must be in lower case***

The Dashboard Panel shows that a temporary 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) Code has been sent to your mobile device. 

You will receive a text with your 2FA code. Enter this code into the Dashboard Panel (above) and Confirm. 

Upon successful login, you will be presented with the Dashboard panel. If you are using a Mac or PC, download the BeBop Client software from the left side and launch the software on your local computer. Welcome to BeBop!

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.