Welcome to the most efficient cloud based collaboration platform in the industry!  This guide will get you up and running very quickly.

Day In The Life

Want to see what using the BeBop Platform looks like in practice?  Watch this quick video to see just how easy it is to tap into the power of cloud based collaboration!

The Basics - Introduction to the platform

Let's start by exploring how this all works.  Starting with what we need on our desk.

We want to make sure we have the best available network connection as we launch a workstation. So make sure to prioritize your terminal over other apps on your computer or other devices on your network.  

Pro Tip: Move any processes you can to the BeBop workstation.  That way you are leveraging the data center network connection instead of your own.  This even includes your email, messaging, and ambient tools.

How it all works:

As we can see from this illustration we don't need a high powered workstation on site.  All the compute power happens in the BeBop Workstation.  BeBop has all the tools you need to seamlessly collaborate with your team, clients, and customers in all phases of your workflow.  One of the biggest advantages to working on BeBop is that all users are accessing the same content.  As if you were in the same building connected to a network storage.  

3.  Activate Your Account

You should have received an email activation for your BeBop User account.  Select the "Activate" link to get started.  If you need more detailed instructions you can look at this article.

4.  Download The BeBop Client

After activating your account you will be able to download the BeBop client from within the Main Control Panel Dashboard.  Download and install the client.

5.  Log in to the Client

After installing the client login using your credentials.  You will receive an SMS text code for the 

2-Factor Authentication.  

6.  Launch a workstation

Once logged in you will see the available workstations.  Select one of the workstations that are grey to startup that machine.  This is essentially pushing the "power" button on your computer.  It will take a few moments to startup.  When it turns green it will be "Good To Go" and you can select it again to connect to the workstation.  

7.  Shutdown when finished

Remember to shutdown your workstation when you are finished with your work.  You can shutdown directly on the Session Dashboard or from the BeBop Client.

8.  Support Site

You can find lots more information and instruction through our Support Site.  Go to 

support.beboptechnology.com or access information about specific features by selecting the "?" near that item.  You can also access the support site directly from the Session Dashboard in the lower right panel.

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