If for any reason you cannot download and install the BeBop Desktop Client you can install the Teradici PCoIP application from their website and use it to connect. You will not have access to the other features that the BeBop Desktop application provides, such as Upload, Download, and Hotfolders, but you can still connect to a BeBop Workstation.

Here's what you will need to proceed. 

1. The connection gateway which your OrgAdmin or BeBop can provide if needed. 

           - If you need BeBop to provide this please create a ticket and include your username, Organization, and Pod.

2. The teradici client application which can be downloaded here

3. Access to mcp.beboptechnology.com

To launch and connect to your desktop follow these steps:

1. Launch your workstation from mcp web portal.  Click on the link for an article on how to launch a workstation.

           Your workstation must be in the "READY" phase before you can connect. It will look like this:

2. Download and launch the PCoIPClient application 

2. Enter your gateway, if you do not know it, please follow these instructions from the 'Setting Up Your Zero Client' article or BeBop can provide you the gateway. 

2a. You can name the connection and save it to reconnect more easily

3. Select 'Next' and you may see this dialogue box appear, select 'Connect Insecurely' to continue

4. You will then be enter your short username and password

5. If your workstation is Ready to launch, select the 'LOGIN' button and your BeBop Session will start.

Please note:

If installing the Teradici client in Windows, you may see this notification, simply select 'Allow Access' to continue the installation.

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