You can start a workstation with your computer browser through the MCP as well as the BeBop desktop client.

Chrome is the preferred browser.


In order to use a Zero Client, you MUST start a workstation before logging in. 

*For directions on using your mobile device to access the MCP instead, click here.


1. Launch your internet browser and go to

2. Sign in with either your username or email address.

**Email address must be in lower case**

3. You will receive a 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) code on your mobile device. Enter it on the next panel.

4. You are now logged into the BeBop MCP. Next, select "Workstations."

5. A list of Workstations in your Organization is displayed. Scroll down for the desired Workstation or search for it instead. Once located, click on the "Start" Box (small arrow indicated in the example image) to start the workstation.  

6. After a moment, the Workstation state will show "Ready" (B). The status will have to be at "Ready" before you can launch your workstation with a Zero Client or through the BeBop desktop client.

a. You can shut down your workstation here.

b. As the Workstation loads the software, the workstation state will change from "Almost" to "Ready".

c. The Workstation Status will change from Stopped (blue) to Running (green). 

The Workstation is now ready for you to log in with your Client. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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