Users may be assigned to login via the Authenticator app to add an extra layer of security. The first time logging in requires a one-time QR code read from your local computer's screen with your cell phone. Your phone's Authenticator app generates a six digit token used to login. We recommend using Google Authenticator. You may download it on your cell phone through your App Store for iOS or at Google Play>Apps for Android. Authenticator will run first time setup by logging in to either the MCP or the BeBop Desktop Client. 

Logging in to the MCP for the first time with QR Authentication

Using your browser on your local computer (Chrome is preferred), log in to the BeBop MCP (Main Control Panel) at Follow the steps below.

Logging in with the BeBop Desktop Client for the first time with QR Authentication 

Open the BeBop Desktop Client and follow the steps below. 


1. Enter your email address in lower case. 

2. Enter your BeBop Password then select "Log In". 

*Note: If your Organization uses SSO for logins, click on SSO login.

Logging into BeBop Using SSO.

3. A unique QR Code is displayed. 

4. Open your Authenticator app or authenticator of your choice on your cell phone. Make sure you are logged into your Google Account to save your info. 

Select "Add a Code"

*This example is using the Google Authentication App

5.  Select "Scan a QR Code" to use your phone's camera.

6. Point your phone's camera to the QR Code displayed on your computer screen.

The Authenticator app will generate a random six digit token.  

*Note that a new token will be generated every 30 seconds. 

7. Back to the browser on your computer, click on "Continue".

8. Enter the six digit token generated by your Authenticator app.

You may have to return to your Authenticator app if a new code has been generated due to timeout. 

*Your token will be different than the one pictured here. 

9. Select "Continue" to complete the login process. For future logins, simply open your Authenticator app and enter the latest six digit token. The Authenticator app will remember and continue to generate tokens without having to use a QR code again. 

*Refer to this article for information on how to use the MCP.

Accessing the MCP with a User Account

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk. 

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