If you encounter issues while using BeBop's Local Flex, here are some ways you can troubleshoot your Flex storage.

1. Close any Premiere Projects currently using Flex and unmount any and all Flex Projects that are currently mounted.

2. Find the 'Clean Up' Button located near the top right, next to Installers and select it.

  1. Choose the first option 'Clean Local Cache' and follow the prompts.

  2. You will then see an update that the cache has been cleaned out.

  3. You can then re-mount your Flex Projects

3. If you are still encountering issues. the next step is to select your Project from the Local Flex menu and then select the Settings tab within.

4. Next, select the 'Trashcan' button underneath the Settings tab. This will clear any cache files not currently being used that may be corrupted. 

5. The next thing you can do is select the 'Resync' button, which will re-index the Flex Project volume. Afterwords you will receive an update on the syncing status.

6. Next, in the Settings tab, you can also increase the size of your Lucid Cache manually. If you are encountering an issue, it may be beneficial to increase your Flex Cache. Start with increments of five, as your storage capacity allows and see if there is an improvement. 

*Note that you may also need to re-sync after changing this setting.

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