Org Admins have the ability set lock permissions for locally mounted BeBop Flex Projects.

To do this, please follow these instructions,

1. Login to MCP.

2. Use the navigation bar on the left side to select the 'Projects Tab'.

3. Select your BeBop Flex Project from the list of available Projects.

4. In the Profile tab of the Project's page, you will see a Mount Permissions area. 

5. Select either or both: Read Only and Enable Project Locking.

6. Login to the BeBop Desktop Client and navigate to the BeBop Flex Drive tab.

7. There are three options to mount a Flex Project:

a. Shared Mount: mounts the Project normally 

b. Locked Project: Locks the Flex Project so that no one else can write to it while it is mounted to your computer

c. Lock & Allow Read: Mounts the Project but does not allow any changes, read only.

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