Pinning a folder or file will make the content local to your hard drive and is especially useful if you are working on the same data without relying on your internet connection.  For more best practice information when mounting a Flex project or Lucid filespace please read through this article:

Best Practices With BeBop Flex Projects

***When mounting a Flex project it is important to make sure your cache setting is sized to correctly reflect the content that you are working on.  Pinning a file or folder will prioritize that in the cache so it is not deleted and recached.  

***It is also best to move your cache to an SSD with a high speed cable

The Flex Project cache is similar to most revolving media cache you find in your creative apps.  The media that is currently being accessed on the project will be cached to your local machine for smoother read/write.  When your cache limit is reached older cache files will be deleted to make space for newer files.  Pinning will make sure that the most important files will remain cached.  

To pin a file or folder follow these steps:

1. After mounting your BeBop Flex Project, navigate to the Pinned Items tab and select the 'Pin Folder or File' button

2. Select the folder you wish to pin from the Project

3. Your folder is now pinned and can be located from the list of pinned items in the Client. 


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