Our partners at LucidLink have put together something awesome! For the best experience with your Flex Project storage here are a few things to try.

How to use the BeBop Flex Performance Monitor

Internet Performance Monitoring

Please try out our performance monitoring tool to see how your network is doing. Simply put:

Green is Great

Yellow is Ok

Orange is Trouble

Red is just Bad

Here are some tips to help optimize your performance with Lucid Link:

1. Clean up your internet Bandwidth.

Even if you have sufficient internet speeds regular internet traffic will cause issues. Try to disconnect the devices at your home and softwares which might be interfering with the network. Keep the network as clean as possible. Turn off wifi on your phone, turn off the Smart TV, put IOT devices on pause, etc. All these devices take up a small amount of bandwidth which can lead to a degraded experience.

Choose to connect your computer directly to your router via ethernet cable and eliminate the interference that WiFi can suffer from. Believe it or not your household appliances can generate electromagnetic energy that compromise your wireless connection. 

If you must use a wireless connection, this article may help you in optimizing your bandwidth:

How to adjust Your Wireless Network Standard of Service

2. Upgrade the internet

Flex projects on LucidLink will perform better as the internet speeds increase. When possible try to upgrade your network for better up/down speeds.


3. Cache Management

Increase to a higher cache. Update your cache setting to as high as possible. You can go up to 10TB if you like!

4. Add a Dedicated Cache Drive

Use a high speed external hard drive for your cache.

  • NVMe SSD hard drives are the best.
  • High Speed SSD drives also work well.
  • Spinning drives may be too slow.

To change the cache location to an external hard drive:

5. Pinning Folders

Pinning a folder will keep a folder's content on your local Flex drive cache. This is especially useful if you are working on the same data for several days. Pinning folders makes it so you don't have to rely on your internet connection.
* Note: make sure your cache is set to at least as high a value as the folder you want to pin.


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