Note 1: Only 1 User can connect using the Signiant application per workstation. The User who will need to transfer files using Media Shuttle/Signiant must do the installation.

Note 2: DO NOT install Signiant from any browser prompts

Note 3: Close all browser windows beforehand. 

Please do the following steps to utilize Signiant and Media Shuttle on a BeBop workstation:

1. Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Signiant 

You may need to enable Hidden Items in the View menu of File Explorer

2. Right Click on SigniantApp and select Open

3. Confirm that Signiant is open in the system tray located in the right corner inside the chevron of the Windows Task Bar

4. Open the browser and navigate to the media shuttle url

5. If the notification box appears asking to Confirm the SigniantApp is installed or Download, select "Yes, Continue" 

6. On the next Notification, select the "Always allow" option and then select "Open Signiant App"  Note: You will not see an open Signiant application window. You may need to close and reopen your browser after this.


7. Select Add Files, and then drag & drop your files from the File Explorer into the lower box that appears. 

8.  You should now see the files appear in the Files window, able to send.

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