This page explains the steps to create a BeBop MCP user.

  1. IAM → Roles → Add Role → Create role
  2. Select Another AWS Account
  3. Enter Account ID as 067319167081

  4. (Optional, Recommended): Click the Check Mark against Require external ID under Options and enter a random string for External ID
  5. When done Click on Next: Permissions

  6. Click Next: Tags without adding any permissions, will add permissions later.

  7. Add desired Tags for the Bebop Service Role and Click Next: Review 

  8. Enter Role name as BebopServiceRole and a Role description as desired and click Create role

  9. Select the Role just created ( → Permissions → Add inline policy

  10. Select the JSON tab and enter the following IAM Policy

    1. {

          "Version": "2012-10-17",

          "Statement": [


                  "Sid": "VisualEditor0",

                  "Effect": "Allow",

                  "Action": [












                  "Resource": "*"




  11. Click on Review policy and enter the Name as BebopServiceRolePolicy

  12. Click Create policy

  13. Share the Role ARN and External ID (if created in step 2b) with Bebop Support.


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