BeBop Flex Projects can be deployed on top of your own LucidLink Filespace. Please provide us with the following to enable the integration:

** Note: You will not be able to access your existing files/folders by default. You will have to move them into a Bebop Flex project in your LucidLink Filespace. The Flex project will then be mountable by the BeBop Workstation Dashboard.

Filespace Domain:

1. Open your LucidLink mounted drive and create a new root folder for Bebop: beboproot

BeBop Flex projects will be created here. You can move files/folders into the subfolders in this location to view them in BeBop.

2. Open LucidLink Control Panel.

3. Create a user: mcpsrvc

** Take note of your secure Password!

Add Root "Read, writeShare

4. Create another user for "Read Only" Storage: mcpreadonly

** Take note of your secure Password!

Add Root "ReadShare path.

Email your support representative the following details via:

Customer Name: {NAME}

LucidLink Filespace domain: {DOMAIN}

User mcpsrvc: {PASSWORD}

User mcpreadonly{PASSWORD}

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