BeBop is an enterprise platform, so we support single sign-on using OpenID based systems like Okta. Please follow these steps to setup your Okta to work with the BeBop Platfrom.


  • BEBOP_OKTA_ID - Contact BeBop support for the value for “BEBOP_OKTA_ID”

      You can reach BeBop Support here or email to request the value.

  • Send BeBop the okta domain
    • https://{{customer}}
    • https://{{customer}}


Login to you Okta

  • https://{orgid}

Add a new Application

Name: BeBop Technology

Base URIs:

Login/Logout redirect URIs{BEBOP_OKTA_ID}/callback

Contact BeBop support for the value for “BEBOP_OKTA_ID”

Email us the Client ID/Client Secret via


Add a Trusted Origin

If you have an authorization server please send us the name of the authorization server:

Example: default

If you DO NOT have one, please let us know as well.


Add users to the application