By default, Users have access to all of the workstations within each Pod that they are assigned. Some workflows are organized so certain Users may only launch specific workstations. BeBop Users have the option to be assigned to individual workstations rather than have access to all the workstations in the Pod. This may make it easier to manage files and User Profiles on a workstation's C drives.

There is a trade-off with flexibility however. A User who has access to all workstations in a pod has the ability to quickly move to another workstation in the case of a problem or diagnosing an issue. 

An Org Admin (Organization Administrator) has the ability to select which Users are assigned to specific workstations. Assigning specific workstations involves first setting the User's permission, and then assigning the User to a workstation.

1. Log in to the MCP (Main Control Panel) as an Org Admin and choose your Organization to work in. You will see the label "Org Admin" at the top confirming your login status.

** If you don't see your Org Admin status appear, contact your other Org Admins to check the Entitlements on your user account.

2. Select "Users" on the left panel and search for the User you want to assign to the workstations. 

3. Once selected, the User's Profile page is shown. Select "Settings."

4. Set the User Settings to "Limit Bebop Users to Specific BeBop Workstations." Make sure to click on the blue "Update Permissions" to save the changes. 

5. Now that the User can be assigned to specific workstations, continue to choose which workstations they may use. Select "Workstations" from the left side of the panel. 


a. By Name or ID

b. View workstations within the Pod. The search will list possible matches to choose from. 

6. Find the workstation you need and select the "Edit" button on the right. 

7. You will see the workstation's Profile page. Select the "Allowed Users" tab. 

8. Search for the User in the "Unassigned User" list. The search bar will list possible matches. Once the User is located, click on the green button to move them to the "Assigned User" column.

Their name will appear in the "Assigned Users" list on the left when moved.  

Continue with steps #5 through #8 to add additional workstations to Users as needed.

That's it! Now when the User logs in to BeBop there will be a limited number of workstations available for them to use.

9. To remove Assigned Users from the selected workstations, click on the red "X" button. The User will return to the "Unassigned Users" list on the right. 

10. To remove a User from assigned workstation status entirely, go back to Step #4, de-select the check box and Update Permissions. The User will return to full access to all workstations in the Pod. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk. 

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