Problem: When reconnecting media or importing clips an error shows that the file is unsupported.  

Steps to fix:

This can typically be accomplished by deleting your media cache.  

1.  Check your After Effects and/or your Premiere media cache folder location.

2.  Take a screen grab of the folder name.  (If you need to do a screen capture from within your VM follow these instructions)

3.  Close any Adobe applications you have open (including the Adobe CC Desktop client) by selecting "File -> Exit."

* Do not just click the "X" you need to close through the File menu.

4.  Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to this folder:

*xxxxx = your username

** If you don't see the "AppData" folder select the "View" tab and then make sure "show hidden items" is selected.

5.  Delete the Media Cache & Media Cache Files folders.  

6.  Empty your recycle bin.

7.  Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to the location that your media cache was set to from step 1.  

8.  Delete all items in the cache folder for your workstation.

* Example: 

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