BeBop Notes are a special kind of BeBop Link that allows users to access file-based review-and-approval functionality.  Users can create a BeBop Note for review on the BeBop Workstation Dashboard or in the MCP, then select a file that resides on a BeBop Project which requires review and approval of workflows. This generates a custom URL which can then be shared with reviewers. 

NOTE: Currently BeBop Links support the BeBop Play feature and require an H.264/H.265 mp4 file.  Rev links are currently only supported on Google Chrome for full functionality.

For more information on creating a BeBop Rev link through the Virtual Machine's Session Dashboard please see this article:

BeBop Rev Links - Session Dashboard

To create a BeBop Rev Link through the MCP (Main Control Panel) follow these steps:

1. Log in to the MCP at

2. Select the 'Project' button on the left side panel. 

3. Search for your Project from the currently assigned list or use the "Search" function.

Click on the Project's name to go to the Project Profile.

4.  Select the "Content Hub" tab on the right. 

5.  Select the (moving) media file that you would like to share.  

    A - Navigate to the file needed and click the three dots under "Action" next to the file.

    B - Select the "Rev Notes Link" option from the drop down menu. 

6. Enter a Name for your link.  You will be able to easily find this link later through the BeBop Links tab. You can also enter a Note for the link. (The default is "Infinite" viability time for the link. See the next step (6a) to have the link expire.) Choose "Allow Download" to allow the reviewer to download the file, if desired. Click on "Add" when done. 

6a. An expiration time can be set for the link for the link to be available for a limited time. Select the "Set Time" option and adjust the Date and Time for the link to expire. Click on "Add" when done.

7. You will be asked to choose a "Protection" option. This is where you can determine the level of access to the BeBop link location.

                      Rev Link Protection Setting                                                   Reviewer's Access Page

Open access to anyone with a BeBop Link URL.
The user will be asked to login to BeBop before they can upload files. If 2FA is enabled for the user, they will be prompted for a 2FA.
The user will be prompted to enter a password that you choose.

7. Once you have saved the Protection option, you will be presented with the BeBop Rev Link to share. Select "Copy & Close". The URL will copy into your computer's clipboard. Paste it into an email to send to the Reviewer. Chrome is the preferred browser for Reviewing files. 

8.  Email or message the BeBop Rev link to whoever needs access.  When they click on the link and authenticate if needed, they will be presented with the BeBop Rev interface.  


9. After the Link is created there are a few options that you can modify afterwards, if desired, under the "BeBop Links" tab. 

9a. Search for "Review" as the file type in the search field.

9b. Find the Rev Link and select "Edit Settings" under "Settings" on the right.

9c. There are options to make changes in these fields.

9d. Additionally, the Rev Link URL may be copied here to your clipboard. 

To see the features included in BeBop Rev please see this article

BeBop Rev Play - Asynchronous Review & Approve

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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