In order for an Organization to take on the responsibility for Desktop Support (e.g. installing, uninstalling, licensing applications on BeBop workstations), users will need to have appropriate Admin privileges when accessing Windows workstations. The Desktop Admin permission provides these privileges.  

This permission can only be granted by submitting a ticket to request Desktop Admin privileges. 

The Desktop Admin permission is related only to the Windows user profile within a workstation. This is different from the Org Admin or User security group within your BeBop subscription. Org Admin allows for administration within the BeBop MCP. Desktop Admin allows for administration within the Windows OS.  

*Note: Once your BeBop User is assigned Desktop Admin privileges you may need to restart the workstation with your same user account for the privileges to be implemented.

Being able to manage your workstations, plugins, and software can create efficiencies within your production pipeline. However if this is done incorrectly it can hinder your delivery. Please review this article on:

Best Practices - Installing updates as a Desktop Admin

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