Creating a shared storage Project is a simple process that both Users and Organization Admins can do. 

1. Open the MCP page in your browser and select the "Projects" Tab on the left hand side and you will be presented with a list of Projects that you have been assigned to.

2. Select the blue "Add Project" button on the right and you will see a pop-up to enter the new Project information.

3. Enter the information required. This Project will be specific to the User who creates it, so the name and drive letter will be unique. When you have entered the info, click the "Add" button.

NOTE: You may have different types of storage: Block and Flex. You have to choose which storage server you want to create the new project in.  

4. You will see the newly created Project in the list that your User Account is assigned to. You can then select the name of the project to customize.

You will now see the Project available to mount when you start a Bebop Workstation from your Bebop Client App.

Please Note:

1. In order for your new project to mount, you will first have to upload a file of any size or extension to a timestamp folder using the Bebop Client Ingest. To help with uploading your first file to your project, here is a link to our article on how to do so.

2. Please contact your Organization Administrator for help setting up further features such as a S3 Bucket.

3. Organization Admins will also have access to Projects and be able to add more Users.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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