If you cannot get any audio out from a workstation, chances are your audio output device was changed after you launched the BeBop session. This can cause the audio to disappear unless you re-launch the session. Take the following steps to fix this issue. 

1. First confirm that the audio is turned on and at maximum volume on the workstation. The bottom right of the taskbar has the speaker icon. Click on it and move the volume control. You should hear a system sound that confirms that the audio is turned on.

* If you have audio on the workstation in general but not in Premiere, skip to steps 6 and 7. 

2. If your BeBop Workstation audio is turned on and you still aren't getting audio, then quit out of the BeBop session you are in. This simply disconnects you from the workstation. It does not stop the session or close any applications or processes currently running. Move the cursor up to the top of the screen until the menu bar appears.

3. Open the BeBop session menu and select Quit Teradici PCoIP Client (command-Q on the Mac).  

    Or go to "Connection" - Disconnect (Ctrl - Alt - F12)

4. Relaunch the BeBop workstation from the BeBop Client

5. The BeBop session should detect the new audio device and audio should be restored on the workstation.

6. If you can hear the audio in Step 1 but not in Premiere, verify these two preference settings in Premiere:

a.  Premiere>Preferences>Audio Hardware>Default Output: Speakers (Teradici Virtual Audio Driver) 

***NDI Users may find they need to reset the Audio Device from "NDI Output" to "Adobe Desktop Audio"

b. Premiere>Preferences>Playback>Audio Device: Adobe Desktop Audio

7. You may get this MME error when launching Premiere.

a. When you click "Yes" and open the Premiere Audio Hardware preference, notice that 'MME Device Class Default In and Out' are "Teradici Virtual Audio Driver (not working)." This indicates that Windows needs to allow permission for applications to access the microphone. 

b. Quit Premiere. In Windows search, type "Microphone privacy settings".

c.  Under "Allow apps to access the microphone on this device," set the switch to "On." Relaunch Premiere. Now Preferences>Audio Hardware will appear as normal as shown in step 6a and sound should work fine. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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