BeBop has the ability to install your own preferred fonts in just 10 simple steps using the Bebop Desktop Client and its Rocket Upload function.


1. Gather your fonts into one place so that they are easily uploaded. 

2. Launch the BeBop Client and go to the "Upload" tab (up arrow) located on the left side bar. Select your BeBop Storage Project where you will be uploading your font files. Optionally, you have the choice of creating a new folder or selecting a pre-existing folder within that Project (Destination Path: Change). For further information on how to upload using our Rocket Transfer please see this article:

Uploading Content into BeBop Using Rocket Transfer

3. Select a folder of Fonts or a set of Font files. The preferred file type for fonts is "Open Type" or "True Type."

4. Verify all files were uploaded using the "Completed" tab in the Client.

5. Launch your workstation from the BeBop Desktop Client.

6. Log into your Virtual Workstation. Use the BeBop Workstation Dashboard to mount the same Storage Project where you uploaded your new fonts into. The File Explorer window automatically opens. Locate the same folder where you uploaded your font files in Step #2. 

7. From the Bebop Workstation Dashboard, click the "Install Fonts" button on the right side, located above the App Launcher.

A prompt will appear for you to copy your Fonts to the destination. Select the blue "C:\fonts" link to open an Explorer window.

8. Copy your fonts from the Rocket Upload location on the Project drive to the C: drive folder "fonts."

9. Select "Continue" from the prompt and you will see the install message in the upper right corner of your Bebop session dashboard.

10. You will then see your newly installed fonts in whichever program you need them.


For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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