For optimal performance, it is best practice to setup the Adobe media cache to run from the BeBop High Speed editorial storage rather than the c: drive. The following outlines the process to update Adobe Premiere to use the high speed editorial storage for the media cache.

  1. Mount the "Adobe Cache” project from the BeBop Session Dashboard.  Your project may be named differently depending on your Organizations specifications.  Check with your supervisor or Organization Admin for details.
  2. Launch Adobe Premiere

  3. From the menu bar, select “Edit -> Preferences -> Media Cache…” 

  4. In the dialog box under “Media Cache Files” and “Media Cache Database” click the “Browse” button 
  5. In the Browse window, right click on the Cache Storage (Drive H: or whatever your Org's cache drive is) and choose “Select” from the menu that comes up.

  6. Click the “Select Folder” button. 
  7. A dialog box will come up asking if you want to move or delete the existing cache files. Select the “Move” button. 

  8. Once BOTH the Media Cache Files and the Media Cache Database locations are set to “Location: H:\”, select OK  

    For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.