The BeBop Workstation Dashboard's Projects section has three tabs showing each type of Project storage available. 

Refer to this link for an overview of Project storage options: What is a BeBop Project?

1. The Flex tab lists BeBop Flex Projects assigned to your BeBop user account. 

2. Select the purple "Mount" button and select the type of access you prefer for your Flex Project drive.

3. Select the Gear symbol to access the Flex Project settings to make changes to the Flex drive's

 cache size and location. 

4. There are two tabs. The first is an Overview.

5. The second Settings tab is where adjustments can be made if needed. The two settings here are: 

Changing the Flex cache location to a different preferred folder location. This feature allows for users to move the Cache location to Block shared storage if the workstation C: drive is not large enough to accommodate the size increase.

And changing the size of the Flex cache, which can help when working with more advanced Adobe projects. 

"Save" button to keep your changes, which will take affect the next time the Flex Project is mounted.

*Changing the location of the Flex cache location will need the new location to be mounted in order for the change to reflect the next time the workstation is logged into. 

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