Bebop's MCP (Main Control Panel) allows Org Admins the ability to manage the Users in an Organization.

Users may be unassigned active seats within the organization therefore limiting their access to the organization and associated media. After removing a subscription from the user they will no longer have access to that organization but will still have an active BeBop account.   

See this article for how to best remove a user from your active subscription list:
How to Manage User Accounts as an Org Admin

A request can be made to the BeBop Customer Success team to remove the user from that organization or to deactivate the account.  

If your organization uses Single Sign On and the users email address has the associated domain name an org admin can deactivate the account entirely.

*When their account is no longer active, it may later be brought back later by simple reactivation. 

Remove (Deactivate) a User from BeBop.


An Org Admin may remove a User account from any access to BeBop by following these steps: 

1. Login to the MCP as an Org Admin.

2. Click on "Users" on the left panel and search for the User you'd like to Deactivate. 

3. Under "Action" Select the slash symbol to Deactivate the User's account. 

Restore (Reactivate) a User to BeBop.

An Org Admin may restore a previously deactivated User account to access BeBop by following these steps:

1. Login to the MCP as an Org Admin.

2. Click on "Users" on the left panel. Select "Show Deactivated" and search for the User you'd like to Reactivate. 

3. Under "Action" Select the green check symbol to Reactivate the User's account.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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