The BeBop Flex Performance Monitor is a tool to visualize your connection to your locally mounted Flex Projects. When utilized, it will display your current amount of latency in milliseconds for your Upload and Download speeds, as well as your Read and Write speeds to the Flex Projects. 

To begin using the Performance Monitor please do the following:

1. Log in to your BeBop client and mount your Flex Project. To learn more, please follow this link

Mounting BeBop Flex Projects on your local computer

2. Where the Flex Project is displayed as mounted, select the three dots menu to show a list of options.

3. Next, select the Performance Monitor from the list of options.

4. When selected, a new window will appear asking you to start the monitoring session

5. Once started, you will see a graph displaying your overall latency with Download and Upload speeds, as well as Read and Write speeds to the Flex Project.

6. The monitoring session can be stopped at any time by selecting Stop and a log is created on the Flex Project for posterity.

Please Note: If you see drops in performance or are unsatisfied with your results, please see this article for best practices: 

Best Practices With BeBop Flex Projects

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