The BeBop Workstation Dashboard is your gateway to working within the workstation. You'll find almost all the tools you need here at the click of a button.

Tools listed from left to right under the tabs:

1. Home

    a. Project Storage: Mount or unmount the Project Storage assigned to you. Here you will find seperate categories for Block and Flex Storage.

    b. App Launcher: Shortcuts to applications in the workstation. 

2. Links: Manage Links to send to others.

Receive: BeBop Receive Links - Using the Session Dashboard

Share: BeBop Share Links - Using the Session Dashboard

Notes: BeBop Notes - Asynchronous Review & Approve

3. Sessions: Start Broadcasts.

BeBop Sessions - Synchronous Review & Approve

4. App Library: Manage application uninstall/install.

How to use the BeBop Workstation Dashboard App Library 

5. Housekeeping: Delete Adobe and Flex drive Caches.

Best Practices - Managing your team's Adobe Media Cache

Housekeeping using the BeBop Workstation Dashboard

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