BeBop Flex is an easy way to mount a Flex drive Project onto your local computer by using the BeBop Desktop Client. (Flex drive Projects may also mount on a BeBop Virtual Workstation with its BeBop Workstation application.)  

Note that you should have received an activation email for the BeBop OS (check your spam folder just in case!). If not, please email us and we can can send you another one.

Please download the BeBop OS Client software from the BeBop MCP or from here:


Mounting a Project Using BeBop Flex

Log in using the BeBop Desktop Client and navigate to the Flex tab.

You will see a list of projects you've been assigned to:

Mount the projects you want to use:

The Flex project will be mounted on your computer:

Video Walkthrough:

Be sure to check out our Best Practices article for additional tips and tricks:

Best Practices With BeBop Flex Projects

Also see:  Mounting BeBop Flex Projects on your Local Computer

Project Administration

You can view all your projects in the BeBop MCP, and you can also create new ones here too.

Content Hub

Go to the Content Hub to see a real-time view of your content library. There are two ways to access Content Hub in the MCP.

1. Select "Content Hub" on the left menu and then search for your Project. 

2. Or find the Content Hub tab under the Projects menu.

To learn about the collaboration features available in the Content Hub, please refer to this article:

Content Hub - Storage Managment 

You can use links to...

- Share files: BeBop Share Links - Using the MCP

- Receive files: BeBop Receive Links - Using the MCP

- Create review and approval links for video files using BeBop Notes: BeBop Notes - Asynchronous Review & Approve

Your Org Administrators can also manage access to projects.

Please refer to this article to manage your user subscriptions and permissions:

Org Admin Role- Set User Privileges

If you need anything else, we are here for you! Drop us a note at and we can hop on a call with you.

Enjoy your new BeBop OS subscription!

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