BeBop OS is a managed services deployment. We provision all infra, network, and storage for the BeBop OS deployment. To effectively maintain the deployed application, the following roles and permissions need to be granted:

Access Required: 

  1. Compute Admin 
    • Launch, terminate and troubleshoot GCP Compute Services as needed 
  2. DNS Administrator 
    • Used to provision Internal DNS for Internal Services resolution. 
  3. Pub/Sub Editor 
    • Used to provision compute instance status (started, running, stopped, deleted.. Etc) 
  4. Logging Admin 
    • Used in provisioning step 3, Logging is a dependency to retrieve instance status. 
  5. Storage Admin 
    • Used in provisioning Bebop Flex Storage Setup (Optional if Flex is not used) 
  6. Storage HMAC Key Admin 
    • Used in provisioning Bebop Flex Storage Setup (Optional if Flex is not used) 
  7. Quota Administrator 
    • Used to create instance quota raise requests under IAM.
  8. Activate Identity-Aware Proxy for gcpsupport@beboptechnology.com
    • For better security we use Identity-Aware Proxy enabled to access instances using Google Authentication instead of traditional SSH keys.
  9. Service Account User permission required for bbpsrvcuser user.
    • The service account is attached to instances that are launched.

Service Accounts Needed: 

  1. Username: bbpsrvcuser
    • Roles: Compute Admin 
      • Used for: Read Network / Subnet Info, Launch VMs, Terminate VMs 
    • ***Please provide Service Account User permission for this service account.
  2. Username: bbpflexsrvcuser 
    • Optional, If Flex is not used. 
    • Roles: Storage Admin (Used for Flex Storage Setup – Optional when Flex is not needed) 
      • Read/Write access to GCP Storage Buckets 
      • Single Bucket Access 
      • Flex Based Projects

Reason for Console Access:

  1. For troubleshooting and creating certain initial alert settings from Stack Driver to BeBop, regarding instance statuses. 
  2. Google IAP for SSH/RDP access. 
  3. Manage Bebop Block Storage – Provision, Scale, Monitor and Backup/Restore. 


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