During authentication MCP and the BeBop Desktop Client use the username/password with SMS 2FA authentication flow. BeBop can also implement OpenID Connect (OIDC) Protocol and OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework to authenticate users.

Launch Workstation Flow

All BeBop workstations are registered to a local Active Directory hosted by BeBop in a customers cloud account. The join happen on a new launch of a virtual workstation from an AMI.

PCoIP Auth flow

The user has 2 ways to initiate a remote connection via PCoIP. The user can access the workstation using the BeBop Desktop Client or the PCoIP Zero client. The BeBop Client can handle SSO based auth. The Zero Client access is only supported via a BeBop username/password, currently there is not a way to handle SSO based authentication. The BeBop username/password is created and managed via the BeBop MCP dashboard.

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