BeBop OS

The BeBop OS is logically separated between CSP API requests and compute operations. API requests are facilitated by the BeBop MCP core infrastructure hosted by BeBop. This is a scalable, redundant, containerized and secure infrastructure. Pen Tests for the BeBop OS are available here. All application components that interact with the actual customer digital assets are deployed IN the customers CSP account.

The customer has complete control of their data. It stays in their CSP and under their security umbrella.

BeBop MCP is a web dashboard used to manage the organizations BeBop deployment.

  1. User access and permissions management
  2. Subscription management
  3. Project management
  4. Workstation usage and metrics
  5. Transfer usage and metrics

BeBop Private Region components are deployed in the customers CSP and interact with the digital assets in their storage. All components reside in a dedicated VPC, separated from other production networks. VPC peering can be enabled for cross VPC access.

  1. Rocket Transfer Servers
    1. Used to facilitate high-speed file transfers to and from the compute storage.
  2. Content Scanner
    1. Used to index the assets in the storage and provide thumbnails, media info and searching capabilities.
  3. Sync Server
    1. Used to transfer content to and from CSP Object Storage
  4. Cast Stations
    1. Used by Rev Live to enable realtime review and approve.
  5. Active Directory
    1. Used to manage workstation authentication and authorization
  6. Connection Broker
    1. Used to facilitate remote access via PCoIP, Parsec, and Jump Desktop into the virtual machines.
  7. Proxy Server
    1. Optional server: Squid proxy server used to lock down internet access.

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