For this release, the BeBopDesktop Client will require an auto-update, which is initiated when the software is next started up. 

If the auto-update fails, please delete (on Mac) or uninstall (on Windows) the Client, download the new Client software from the MCP, and then re-install the software. 

For more information on downloading and installing the client, please refer to this Solution article: 

This release also includes an update to the Session Dashboard. The Session Dashboard will automatically update upon the first login into a BeBop workstation 


Release 2022.1 Overview: 

In this release we are applying several security patches and fixes improving the overall stability of the platform and remote desktop capabilities using Jump & Parsec. 


What's New: 

Release version 2022.1 includes updates to the following BeBop platform components 

  • MCP 
  • BeBop Desktop Client 



  • Bebop Rev Notes: Improvement to UI/UX issues on the timeline for iOS devices
  • Improvements and enhancements to Jump Desktop and Parsec desktop remoting integration.


  • Authorization improvements to core api components across the BeBop client.
  • Bebop Client: Rocket upload improvement and enhancements to large file uploads.