• CIDR Block (ours or theirs)
  • AWS Account ID
  • VPC ID

CIDR Block

  • For Existing Accounts:

    • BeBop will provide you with the currently used CIDR Block.

    • If you have a conflict with that CIDR block

      • You'll need to provide a new CIDR Block (See "New Accounts")

        • BeBop will create a new VPC 

    • If you don't have a conflict:

      • You can proceed to Direct Connect into the BeBop Managed CDIR Block

  • For New Accounts:

    • Provide BeBop with a CIDR Block space

      • Standard Deployments: /22

        • 1022

      • Large Deployments (): /16

        • 65,534

    • BeBop will create a new VPC


  • You will also need to provide the following details to send the peering request:

    • AWS Account ID

    • VPC ID

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