BeBop Link Security protects access to Sessions streams.

Links to access Sessions streams are integrated into the Link security framework, enabling users to protect access to Session streams using BeBop logins or custom passwords. 


1.  You can use any source, but we'll use Adobe Premiere Pro to illustrate how it works. In your BeBop workstation, launch Adobe Creative Cloud from the BeBop Workstation Dashboard and login to your CC account. Launch Premiere and load the project to broadcast. 

2. Go back to the BeBop Workstation Dashboard and choose the "Sessions" tab. 

3. Choose which security feature you would like applied in Time and Password Protection 


Set one of two security options for the viewer to access the Rev Live broadcast. 

Infinite: The Broadcast will continue until you manually choose "Stop Broadcast."

Set Time: The Broadcast link will expire at a specific time you choose. This is the same time zone as your workstation's clock. 

Password Protection

Set one of three security options for the viewer to access the Rev Live broadcast. 

                                           Sender's Protection Setting                                 Receiver's Access Page

No Password: The viewer simply clicks on the link you send to view the broadcast. 

When opening the link in their browser, the viewer will view the broadcast directly. 
Password: Create a Password that the viewer will use to access the broadcast
When the viewer opens the link in their browser, they will be requested to enter a password to proceed to the broadcast.
BeBop Login: Requires the viewer to have a BeBop account password in order to access the broadcast.When opening the link in their browser, the viewer will be requested to log in to BeBop to proceed to the broadcast.

4. Now that the security options have been applied, select the purple "Start Broadcast" icon. 

5. Wait for the Broadcast to begin.

6. Broadcast Status shows as active. Select Adobe Premiere as the source. Play the project in the Source Window in Premiere. 
*NOTE - You can select other sources as well based on what Apps you have running.  You can also "Enable Desktop" to share your entire screen.

7. Choose the link symbol in the Broadcast Room to copy the URL link of the broadcast to send to the viewer. 

*You may check your broadcast by clicking on "Open Link" to open the broadcast link in your browser on the VM.

**Note: This may affect your audio monitoring (doubles up Premiere and browser audio) when you are playing out. We suggest using this function as a test only. Turn down the audio in Premiere to hear the broadcast audio in the browser clearly.

8. Return to Premiere and play the clip to Broadcast. 

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