BeBop Flex enables a shared drive environment at low cost by utilizing special mounting software. If your Organization has Flex storage, you may mount that storage directly on your local computer through the BeBop Client. 

1. Login normally to your BeBop Client. You must have a Flex Project already assigned to you. 

1A. Notice a disc drive icon on the lower left panel. Click there to proceed to the BeBop Flex Drive Panel.

1B. If this is your first time mounting a Flex drive, you will need to install the mounting software by following the prompts. After the app is installed, ignore any prompts asking to create a LucidLink account and close the LucidLink app. 

1C. Select "Mount" to mount the Flex drive on your local computer.

(NOTE: You can set up additional permissions for how you mount your Flex Project. See this article for instructions: How to Project Lock )

2. The Flex Project will show up on your local computer as a mounted drive. Files can be transferred locally. The client application will display the total size of the Project, the cache size, any current uploads, and sync status.

3. You can manually set the amount of Lucid cache stored on your local computer from the gear wheel next to the "Unmount" button. 

4. When unmounting or ejecting the Flex Project, the best practice is to use the BeBop client to unmount versus using your Windows or Mac operating system to eject the volume.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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