Click on this link for Adobe (Premiere) Media Cache Settings on BeBop Workstations to manually change your Premiere cache location.

Additionally, Users within the Org Admin group can submit a request to determine how their organization will collect cache to allow for better drive management and optimizing Adobe product performance.

The cache for a POD can be organized in the following ways:

  • Freeform: 
    • This option lets all users share a common folder for cache:
    • x:/ADOBE_CACHE/ 
  • Per-Workstation (Default): 
    • This option lets all users to share cache for a particular workstation at this path:
    • x:/ADOBE_CACHE/{{workstation_id}}/
  • Per-User: 
    • This option lets users have a dedicated path for their cache:
    • x:/ADOBE_CACHE/{{username}} 
  • Per-Workstation User: 
    • This option separates cache by workstations and users working on that worksation.
    • x:/ADOBE_CACHE/{{workstation_id}}/{{username}} 

The management style of the media cache is often based on 

  • Production timing workflow
  • Duration of creative tenure
  • Specific workflows per workstation
  • Preference of digital asset managers
  • Combination of all or any of the above

A best practice is to clear unneeded cache before beginning a new project/production. Choosing a management type allows for streamlining productions and enabling workstations, Adobe products, and creatives to work in the most efficient way possible. 

A few ideas of what may work for your productions:

Example 1  

Single Show being produced at one episode at a time. Utilize the "Freeform" cache policy. After the show is delivered and archived you can delete all cache files within x:/ADOBE_CACHE/ before starting your next production.

Example 2

Multiple shows being produced simultaneously with creatives in the same department (GFX, EDIT, etc) assigned to specific tasks and workstations. Utilize "Per Workstation" cache policy. This allows for easy management of the team workflow in case of corrupted files or performance problems.

Example 3

Multiple shows being produced simultaneously with short term creative contracts or freelancers. Utilize "Per-User" cache policy. This allows for easy management of cache files created by a specific user after their tenure is done.

Example 4

Multiple shows being produced simultaneously with creatives that tend to utilize multiple workstations within the production timeline. Utilize the "Per-Workstation User" cache policy. This will allow more granular troubleshooting for individual users on individual workstations.

* These are only examples and may not fit your particular needs. The important thing to know about this feature is it allows for easy management should files become corrupted or there is a cache issue causing a production delays.  

**Adobe Cache housekeeping management tools are available in the "Housekeeping" tab of the Bebop Workstation Dashboard. These tools allow you to clear out different versions of Adobe's media cache.  

Click on this link forHousekeeping Using the BeBop Workstation Dashboard.

*** To discuss these options further with BeBop's Production Services team please submit a ticket to schedule a meeting.

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