The BeBop MCP (Main Control Panel) enables an Org Admin (Organization Administrator) to manage Users' access to workstations. The BeBop support team creates User and Org Admin accounts by request via the ticketing system. Once a User has an account, the Org Admin can administer that User's entitlements (i.e. what the user can or cannot do when logged into the Bebop OS).

User entitlements are bundled into Subscriptions and Groups. Groups are subsets within Subscriptions. After a User is assigned their roles in Subscriptions and Groups, they'll be able to access the organization's deployment.

A. Subscriptions are general feature sets for Users. Sets are packaged into Tier levels. Each Subscription has a limited number of Seats that Users can use as needed. Users may be easily moved in and out of Subscriptions and Groups as desired. Tier 2 Subscriptions may be further customized with unique labels.

Login to the MCP as an Org Admin and select "Subscription" from the left panel. The available Subscription types are listed in your Organization. 

*In this example there are empty Seats available for a new User to be assigned to. If there are no seats available, either unassign some users or contact BeBop to add more seats to your Org.


BeBop Tier 1- Core Cloud

  • Rocket: move files superfast and manage your team’s projects
  • Rev Notes: review/approve with annotated notes, in a browser, anytime 
  • Rev Live/Max: initiate a real-time stream from your workstation 
  • BeBop Links: share files or live sessions 
  • Unlimited secure collaborators 
  • Access to high-performance and Flex storage 
  • Use your existing licenses for industry standard creative apps with BeBop’s standard deployment
  • Main Control Panel (MCP) for comprehensive reports and analysis
  • 24/7 Basic Support 

BeBop Tier 2- Everything in Tier 1 Plus:

  • Customizable workflow, software, plug-ins, and user configurations available 
  • Enterprise tools for customization and control
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Rocket Transfer Groups to better manage large scale teams and projects
  • Node-locked Licensing Support
  • Customizable Support options available 

Common Customized Subscriptions:

Customer Support User

  • Allows Desktop Admin access to do software installations through special request of BeBop Support

Standard Collaborator

  • Receive and review Rev Notes & Rev Live sessions via BeBop Links  
  • Uses a BeBop user account including 2FA or SSO.

Pro Collaborator- Everything in Standard Collaborator Plus:

B. Groups are subsets within a Subscription. Groups may be customized within a Tier 2 Subscription. Each Group allows a User specific access to features. By default regular Users have access to all the most common User features. Other User Groups define specific limitations or enhancements to features. This enhances security by enabling or disabling certain abilities such as download capabilities. 

*Your Group options may appear different than this list depending upon arrangements made with BeBop.

  • Org Admins are an elevated group from "User All Permissions".  This group provides enhanced access to the MCPClick here for information regarding this User role. 

  • Users All Permissions grants User access to all features of the BeBop OS.


  • Users All Except Download has all features aside from Rocket download.


  • Users Out Restricted has all the User privileges except downloading and sending Links to files.


  • Users Download Only or Rocket Download has only download capabilities via BeBop Rocket.

  • Users Upload Only or Rocket Upload has only upload capabilities via BeBop Rocket.

  • Users Desktop Only has all the User privileges except upload and download capabilities.

  • Users Content Hub has all the User privileges and downloading from shared Project storage using Content Hub in the MCP.

  • Org Admins Content Hub has all the Org Admin privileges and downloading from shared storage using Content Hub in the MCP.

  • Org Admins Out Restricted has all the Org Admin privileges except downloading and sending links to files. 

  • Flex OnPrem has all the User privileges plus enables shared Flex storage to mount on their local computer.

  • Workstation Access allows User access to only specified workstations. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk. 

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