The BeBop MCP (Main Control Panel) enables an Org Admin (Organizational Administrator) to manage Users' access to workstations and features through Group assignments. User and Org Admin accounts are created by the BeBop support staff by request through the ticketing system unless the organization is utilizing SSO. With SSO enabled, Org Admins have the ability to create their own users as long as the users created have the same email domain as that enabled for SSO.

Once a User has an account, the Org Admin has special privileges to administer access for the Users within their Organization. User role privileges are assigned by using Subscriptions and Groups. 

What are Subscriptions and Groups in the MCP?

After a User is assigned to a Group, the User needs be assigned to a Pod and Project(s) to allow access to shared drives.

Steps to Manage a Users Account:

1. Log in to the MCP with your Org Admin account to manage Users. You should see a special "Org Admin" badge in the top right corner. 

2. There are a limited number of Seats in each Subscription level. You may have many Users but only a set number at a time may be Assigned to available Seats. First check that there is room available for a new Assigned User by selecting Subscription in the left menu bar.

Your Subscription types may vary from the picture according to your Organization's needs as arranged with BeBop. In this example there are 6 "BeBop Cloud Tier 2 Subscription" Seats open and available for Users to be Assigned to.  

*There may be no empty Seats available for a new User to be Assigned to. If so, another User needs to be Unassigned or more Seats purchased through BeBop.

3. Once it's determined that there is an empty seat available for a User, select the User Permission tab in the left panel. Listed are all the Assigned Users (left side) and Unassigned Users (right side) in your Organization. You can search each list by name or Subscription type (for Assigned Users).  

4A. To add an Unassigned (inactive) User to the Assigned (active) User list, search for the User in the Unassigned list.

Select the Green "Assign" button.

B. Include the User into a Subscription and Group. Choose from the drop down menu to select from the available Subscription types.

What are Subscriptions and Groups in the MCP?

C. Groups are subsets within each Subscription. Each Group has different abilities. These also may be customized to suit each Organization. Choose the Subscription and Group and hit "Save".

D.  The User will then appear in the Assigned Users list (left side).

5. To remove a user from the Assigned list, locate the user and click on the red trashcan. The User will be moved to the Unassigned list (right side). To change the Assigned User's current Group or Subscription, click on the Blue button.  

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk. 

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