For this release, the BeBop Desktop Client will require an auto-update, which is initiated when the software is next started up. 

If the auto-update fails, please delete (on Mac) or uninstall (on Windows) the Client, download the new Client software from the MCP, and then re-install the software. 

For more information on downloading and installing the client, please refer to this Solution article: 

Additionally, this release includes an update to the Session Dashboard. The Session Dashboard will automatically update upon the first login into a BeBop workstation. 

Release 2021.05 Overview: 

In this release we are excited to announce a number of UI/UX improvements, including support for reviewing audio files in both Content Hub and Rev Notesthe convenient ability to download content directly from Rev Notes links, and custom watermarking capability for Rev Live.   

We are always hard at work to make sure that the BeBop platform is performing flawlessly on all of the clouds that we support. We continually look to improve the creative user’s experience on BeBop, often looking deep to address software issues that impact users regardless of the source of the issue.  

In addition to the improvements highlighted below, we are constantly maintaining and optimizing our underlying platform technologies to provide the best and most secure experience for our users.  

What's New: 

Release version 2021.05 includes updates to the following BeBop platform components: 

  • MCP 
  • Session Dashboard 
  • Desktop Client 



Content Hub moved to main navigation pane in MCP 

  • Content Hub has conveniently been moved to the main navigation pane in the MCP interface for greater visibility and faster user access. 

Content Hub can now play back audio files 

  • Content Hub now supports playback of MP3, WAV and AAC audio files. 

Rev Notes now supports review-and-approve of audio files 

  • Rev Notes now supports review-and-approve workflows on MP3, WAV, and AAC audio files. 

Rev Notes now supports permissions-based downloading 

  • When creating a Rev Notes link, there is a new check-box option labeled Allow Download 
  • If this option is enabled, users with the appropriate permissions who are invited to the generated Rev Notes link will be able to download the content 
    • Org Admins have the ability to turn on/off downloading permissions for their users.   

Rev Notes now supports playback using the keyboard 

  • The J, K, L keys can now be used to play back content. 
  • The functions are in alignment with most NLEs: 
    • J plays in reverse.  Playback speed increases with additional presses of the key. 
    • K pauses and resumes playback 
    • L plays forward.  Playback speed increases with additional presses of the key. 

Rev Live now supports watermarking 

  • Watermarks can now be applied to Rev Live broadcasts to help protect content 
  • One watermark can be applied per-Pod 
  • To turn on watermarking, Org Admins will need to submit a Helpdesk ticket with the request and include a 500 x 500 pixel resolution PNG file of the watermark. 

Session Dashboard can now display release notes upon first start up after an update 

  • Upon the first start up after an update to the Session Dashboard, a Release Notes modal window with information specific to the Session Dashboard will be displayed. 

BeBop Links and Rev Notes pages now support co-branding 

  • The web pages for BeBop Links and Rev Notes can now optionally be co-branded with the subscribing organization’s logos.  
    • Supported logo styles include horizontal, vertical, light, and dark  
  • To request co-branding, please submit a Helpdesk ticket. 



“Cannot find image file” error fixed with Red Giant Universe plugin 

  • The Red Giant Universe plugin had an existing issue where the software was unable to find needed image files. We fixed this problem for BeBop users. 

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