BeBop NDI Sessions (Previous Known As: Rev Live Max) provides BeBop users the ability to broadcast a full NDI-ready, high-quality video output stream from a BeBop workstation to be viewed on a local computer. Multichannel audio can be broadcast along with the high-quality video. The HQ feature needs at least 100mbps to receive the broadcast stream cleanly. 


1. First Steps:

  • Launch Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Log in to your Creative Cloud account
  • Launch Adobe Premiere
  • Load the Adobe Premiere project to broadcast in the Source Window

2. Go back to the BeBop Workstation Dashboard in your workstation and choose "Sessions." 

3. Select the "Start Broadcast" button. After a moment the Cast Broadcast connection will be active.

Information on the Security settings for your Broadcast can be found in this Security Settings article. 

4. The Broadcast will start in a minute or two.

5. Select Adobe Premiere as the source.

6. Return to Premiere and hit "play" on the timeline to start the broadcast.

7. To "Stop" the broadcast, please click "Stop" on the Workstation Dashboard to end the Broadcast. 


The receiving (viewing) BeBop user will need the BeBop Client and an application that accepts an NDI stream running on their local computer. Note that the viewing User's account will need the appropriate role entitlements set up in the MCP by their Org Admin in order to receive BeBop NDI Session. 

1. Download and install NDI Video Monitor as part of the NDI Tools package.

*Note that older PCs with AMD CPUs may not support NDI Monitor.

2. Install and open the BeBop Client application and login. Select the same Organization and Pod where the Sender has his workstation. 

3. The BeBop Client will show the Sender's active workstation in green. Go to the Broadcast Icon on the left panel. 

4. The BeBop Client Broadcast Tab will list the Sender's active workstation under "Stream Source."


   4a. Choose SQ to view in Standard Quality (20 mbps) or HQ for High Quality (105 mbps). The Broadcast will be available once you click on the Quality. 

       * HQ will only be enabled if the Sender enables the HQ stream from the source.

       4b. The Status will change from "Pending" to "Live" to verify the connection when the broadcast is playing.

     4c. Audio/Video status displays updates as the samples are gatheredA successful broadcast will display real-time data updates as the samples are gathered.

5. Launch the NDI Monitor application that was installed in Step #1.


Launch Newtek NDI Video Monitor from your Applications folder and select File>your computer name> BeBop Cast V2


  • Launch the NDI Studio Monitor application. 

  • Choose DESKTOP-name>BeBop Cast V2

6. The Viewer will see the stream from the Virtual workstation as a full NDI stream:

6. To end the session click on the red "Disconnect Cast" button.


NDI Compatible Devices

The NDI Source "BeBop Cast V2" should now be available in your network. You can now open it in your NDI compatible devices connection to the same network, including the NDI App for Apple TV.


For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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