Log in using the desktop BeBop Client. Before you start a workstation, notice that you have the option to launch either the Teradici PCoIP External Client or the Embedded (Internal) Teradici Client. Using the External PCoIP Client will allow you to use the latest version of the software as published by Teradici with the latest drivers and enhancements. The External PCoIP Client is a separate application (installed on your local computer) from the Teradici client embedded into the Bebop Desktop Client. 

*Note Some users prefer Parsec as their PCoIP client. Parsec is installed per special request to BeBop. Information on Parsec may be found in this article. 

1. Start your workstation as usual by selecting it and waiting for it to turn green.

You may choose either the Embedded Teradici PCoIP application by clicking on the large green field or the separate, External Teradici application by taking these steps:

Embedded PCoIP

1. For the Embedded (Internal) Teradici Client, select the "Launch" button to startup your workstation. 

External PCoIP

1. For the External Teradici Client, select the PCoIP button in the lower left corner of your workstation before selecting "Launch". The PCoIP button will turn gold to enable the External Client.  

2. You will see a confirmation that the external PCOIP client has been enabled in the top right of your BeBop Client.

3. Launch the Workstation by clicking on the green area. The Teradici PCoIP Client (Anyware PCoIP) will automatically open.

4. Input your password to connect to your BeBop Workstation (your username will automatically fill in). Select "Connect" to access your BeBop Workstation.

*Note: If you do not have the Teradici client installed, you will be given the prompt to download the PCoIP client when you launch your workstation.(See below). 

How to Install the External Teradici Client

1. Select the "Download" button.

*1a. As an option, you may also download the PCoIP client by selecting the "info" button at the top right of your BeBop Client.

*1b. Select "PCoIP Client" from the list of download links. 

2. Your browser will open to the Teradici website to download the latest version of the client. Choose the Teradici Software Client made for your computer.

3. On the right side of the screen, choose "Download and Scripts", then "Download Now" to download the software.

4. Once it is installed on your local computer, select the 'Launch' button and connect as shown in step #4 above.

* Your connection gateway is filled in automatically. If for some reason it is not and you need the Connection Gateway address to connect to your workstation, it may be found by selecting the "Info" icon in the BeBop Client.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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