Refer to this support article for general information about the Org Admin Role:

What is An Org Admin User Role?

As an Org Admin, you may assign privileges to Users in your organization to specific functions of the BeBop platform. This panel may change as new features are added. A User's access to features may be customized by enabling or disabling each item. Your selections work hand-in-hand with your organization's approach towards security and workflow.

Understanding User Permissions

User Permissions are divided into four groups. All permissions are enabled by default, aside from Workstations>Assigned to Specific Workstations (E) and both BeBop Cast (I and J) settings.

1. File Transfer The ability to transfer files using BeBop Rocket

    A. Can Download from a Bebop Project using Rocket 

    Downloading Content from BeBop using Rocket Transfer

    B.  Can Upload to a Bebop Project using Rocket 

    Uploading Content into BeBop using Rocket 

    C. Can Use Hot Folders Can create a synced folder from a local drive to a BeBop Project.

    Creating and Using Hot Folders  

2. Workstations Applies to workstations in the Users assigned Pod. 

    D. Can Access Workstations This function may be disabled if users need to only upload and download content and not be able to launch workstations. 

    E. Assigned to Specific Workstations BeBop Users have access to all the workstations in their assigned Pod by default. Some organizations may want to have users assigned to only certain workstations. 

3. BeBop Links To upload, download and collaborate.

    F. Can Use BeBop Receive Link to send links to upload into a BeBop Project 

    How to Create Receive Links with the MCP

    How to Create Receive Links with the Dashboard

    G. Can Use BeBop Share Link to send links to download from a BeBop Project 

    How to Create Share Links with the MCP

    How to Create Share Links with the Dashboard

    H. Can Use BeBop Rev Link for review and approval

    What is a Rev Play?

    How to Create Rev Links with the MCP

    How to Create Rev Links with the Dashboard

4. BeBop Cast For live casting from a workstation.

   What is Rev Live?

    I. Can Broadcast live from a workstation

    J. Can View Broadcast at a remote location or another workstation

**After making changes, don't forget to select:  

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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