BeBop Rocket is optimized for moving your files in and out of BeBop storage. For instructions on using Rocket, click on the image below to learn more.

In addition to using Rocket, compression can make your file transfers even more efficient. 

Moving large amounts of small files increases overhead in the transfer process. This unnecessarily slows your transfer time as files queue up in Rocket waiting their next turn. The extra time transfer computers spend managing many files is reduced by using compression. 

  1. First move the files into a folder and compress it using your preferred compression utility. 
  2. Transfer the compressed folder (with its contents) to the destination storage using BeBop Rocket.  
  3. Once it arrives, expand (uncompress) the folder along with its contents. 

The time to pack and unpack the compressed files is time saving when compared to transferring uncompressed files. The Rocket transfer servers will need to manage fewer files and the transfer queue is greatly reduced. 


Picture the extra effort of a moving company managing a separate box for each kitchen utensil, rather than having one box hold all the kitchen utensils that gets unpacked together upon delivery. Compression effectively puts your files into one box. 


BeBop workstations include a file compression/extraction tool called 7-Zip. It can be found in the App Launcher section of the BeBop Dashboard on your Virtual Machine. It will extract or compress most compressed file formats.

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.