BeBop Sessions is a synchronous video review-and-approve feature of the BeBop platform. Users who receive a live Sessions link can access a web page that plays back live-streamed video from a BeBop workstation.   

BeBop Session links, generated on the Session tab of the BeBop Workstations Dashboard, allow users to access real-time review-and-approval functionality on BeBop. Users who are broadcasting a video stream using BeBop Sessions can create a live broadcast link. This generates a custom URL and unique viewing code which can then be shared with reviewers so that they can access the live stream via a supported web browser.

Google Chrome is the preferred web browser. 

To start a BeBop Sessions follow the steps below:

1. Select the "Sessions" tab from the BeBop Workstations Dashboard.  

***If you don't see the Cast tab on your BeBop Workstations Dashboard it is not enabled for your user. Contact your OrgAdmin to enable BeBop Sessions permissions.

2.  Click "Start Broadcast."  

3.  After the cast station starts up you will see your cast options. Select "Enable Desktop" to set it as a possible source.

4.  Select the icon next to the source that you want to cast. In this case Adobe Premiere Pro.

5. For BeBop Session's security settings, please refer to this article link: 

Security Settings in Links and Sessions

6.  After entering the view code the BeBop Sessions link, the live broadcast will begin.  

Premiere Timeline:                                                        BeBop Session live link in Web Browser:

You can switch from SD to HD quality easily by selecting the option.  Note that HD requires higher network throughput.

Note: it is a best practice to verify that your link works before sending.  


If you load your link, but you receive this result:

    a. Try to 'Reset' your cast.

    b. If resetting the cast doesn't work you may need to close and reopen Premiere.

    c. Verify that Premiere>Preferences>Playback is set to "NDI Output."

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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