Release 2020.18 Overview: 

We are excited to announce the release of several major features in this release.  Rev Play, releasing in Public Preview, is BeBop’s new asynchronous file-based review-and-approve solution.  We are also releasing BeBop Flex Storage, which is less expensive than high performance storage and soon will be available across multiple regions. For Enterprise-level subscribers, the BeBop platform now includes Single Sign On (SSO) identity provider integrations.  

We are always hard at work to make sure that the BeBop platform is performing flawlessly on all of the clouds that we support. In addition to the improvements highlighted below, we are constantly maintaining and optimizing our underlying platform technologies to provide the best and most secure experience for our users. 

What's New: 

Release version 2020.18 includes updates to the following BeBop platform components: 

  • Software Client 

  • MCP 

  • Session Dashboard 


Single Sign On (SSO) identity provider integrations launched 

  • Enterprise-level subscribers can now utilize the following identity providers to sign on to the BeBop platform: 

  • Azure ID 

  • Okta 

  • Other IDPs which utilize OIDC are likely to be supported, but please inquire! 

Rev Links are released in Public Preview 

  • Rev Links are a special kind of BeBop Link which allows users to access file-based review-and-approval functionality on BeBop.  Users can create a Rev Link on the Session Dashboard or in the MCP and then select a file that resides on a BeBop Project which requires review and approve workflows. This generates a custom URL which can then be shared with reviewers.   

  • At launch, Rev Links will support BeBop’s Rev Play feature.  

  • Rev Links are released in Public Preview.  Please review section 2.4 of the BeBop EULA for more information. 

BeBop Rev Play asynchronous review-and-approve released in Public Preview 

  • Rev Play is BeBop’s file-based asynchronous review-and-approve feature.  Users who receive a Rev Link can access a browser-based interface for streaming a video file.  Reviewers can then control playback on the file, create annotations directly on frames, and leave timeline-based comments for creatives to utilize when making subsequent revisions. 

  • H.264 and H.265 MP4 files with stereo audio are supported at launch. 

  • Full access to Rev Play features via Rev Links requires a BeBop ID/BeBop Login.   

  • Rev Play is released in Public Preview.  Please review section 2.4 of the BeBop EULA for more information. 

BeBop Flex Storage is available for customers 

  • BeBop Flex Storage is “online” storage which is lower cost than high performance storage. 

  • Flex Storage lays the groundwork for access to a single centralized repository of data that can be made available worldwide via Flex Projects. 

  • Flex Projects, coming soon, are a feature exclusive to Flex Storage.  



Org Admins can restrict User access to specific workstations 

  • Org Admins now have the ability within the MCP to optionally assign Users to specific workstations.  When Users log into the Software Client and navigate to the Workstations tab, they will only see the workstations to which they have been assigned. 

Rocket Sync now supports Wasabi storage 

  • Wasabi is now a supported option for users when setting up Rocket Sync on a BeBop Project. 



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