BeBop Links allow users to access file-based review-and-approval functionality on BeBop.  Users can create a BeBop Note on the BeBop Workstation Dashboard or in the MCP and then select a file that resides on a BeBop Project which requires review and approval of workflows. This generates a custom URL which can then be shared with reviewers. 

*NOTE: BeBop Links are currently only supported on Google Chrome for full functionality.

For more information on creating a BeBop Links through the BeBop Workstation Dashboard: BeBop Rev Links - MCP Edition

To create a BeBop Links through the Workstation Dashboard follow these steps:

1. Log in using your Desktop Client or Zero Client. Select the Workstation icon on the left and start a workstation. 

2. Once you have started and connected to a workstation, let the BeBop Workstation Dashboard complete its launch. Now mount the Project you will be using to share files from.

3. Select the ' Links' tab at the top left next to 'Home'.

4.  Select the 'Notes' tab.

5. Select the blue 'Add+' button on the right.

6. You will be presented with a pop-up menu. Select the Project where the source file is located. Give the Notes Link a name. Info on security 'Protect' settings may be found below. You may also also allow the file to be downloaded by the recipient of the Notes Link. 

7. Select the file(s) that you would like to share and drag/drop them into the bucket on the right.

Add Notes as desired. Click the "Save" button when done. 

*NOTE: BeBop Links support the BeBop Play feature and require a mp4, mkv or mov video file. Audio files of type mp3 or WAV are accepted as well.  

8. The BeBop Notes Link will be listed under the 'Links' tab in the Workstation Dashboard. After the link is created, there are options from the settings wheel in the BeBop Workstation Dashboard that can modify the link.

- Let's look at the "Protect Link" security option.  This is where you can determine the level of access to the BeBop link location.

Open access to anyone with a BeBop Links URL.
The user will be prompted to enter a password that you choose.

The user will be asked to login to BeBop before they can upload files. If 2FA is enabled for the user, they will be prompted for a 2FA.

9. You can copy the link and paste it in a browser to see the link.

10.  Email or message the copied BeBop Link to whoever needs access. When they click on the link, and authenticate if needed, they will be presented with the BeBop Links interface. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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