A BeBop Project is a shared media volume that can be accessed by BeBop users. The storage volume is called a "Project" because of the solutions that we can put on top of the storage.   

There are three types of storage volumes. Projects that are assigned to your User account will appear on the 'BeBop Workstation Dashboard' application upon startup.

1. Block storage is high speed SSD cloud storage that you purchase for upfront in predetermined sizes (1TB, 4TB, 8TB, etc.). Block storage is secured within the data center and can only be mounted on a virtual workstation or accessed through the BeBop OS. 

2. Flex storage is a more economical option that is dynamic; you only pay for what you use. Flex projects utilize caching in order to allow for this price differential. Flex projects have the added ability to be mounted on a local machine as well as mounted in varying locked states.

3. Cache storage is primarily used by Adobe applications as "scratch disks".

What is an Adobe Cache Project?

Deciding on the right storage volume is determined by consulting with BeBop about your production workflow. 

Project Solutions

Security (BeBop Login)
One of the key solutions that comes with BeBop Projects is security. Only BeBop users assigned to a particular project can see and mount that volume. Requiring a named BeBop user allows for your organization to control who has access and include multi-factor authentication and SSO.   

BeBop Sync
Copy your media from or to cloud tiered storage through a BeBop Project. This takes place at data center speeds (typically at 2-4Gpbs) and is an excellent solution for both ingest and archiving.

Setting up a cloud storage sync project

Cache Project
Turn a BeBop Project into a dedicated volume for storing cache files from your creative apps. This is an optimized way of handling your media cache for both performance and organization / maintenance.  

What is an Adobe Cache Project?  

Integration of Features

BeBop Projects also allow for integration of other features within the BeBop OS. You can set transfer notifications, utilize collaboration tools, and even access media through the MCP.  

For any questions or to discuss workflow and integration of BeBop Projects please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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