Content Hub shows information about files in your BeBop Project through the MCP.  You can keep track of file sizes and locations, and you can also create BeBop Share, Receive, and Review Links.

Follow these steps to access the Content Hub:

1. Login to the MCP at and select "Projects".

2. The Projects Search Panel opens. 

    a. Search for your Project or choose from the list of Projects associated with your User account.  

    b. Select "Show Deactivated" to add previously deactivated Projects to the search. 

    c. Select "Actions" to Deactivate the selected Project. **Proceed with caution!

3. Clicking on the Project will show the Project Profile Panel, which has the Project name information. 

    a. The circle graph shows the Project Storage in relation to the entire Organization Storage. Best practices require at least 20% is free space.

    b. Select the "Content Hub" tab to view lists of files and folders within the Project.

*Alternatively, you may select "Content Hub" from the menu on the left and search for your BeBop Project. 

4. Content Hub lists files and folders. You can choose from the list or search by name.

   a. The three dots under "Action" provide the ability to create "Receive Links" for others to upload data into. 

5.  Click into the folders to see the individual files. Options are available under the "Action" column. 

  a. Media Info Shows a thumbnail image as well as other information. 

b. View File allows you to playback video files or view images.

c. Download File downloads the selected file to your workstation. 

 d. Share Link creates links to share the file or folder with others.

 e. BeBop Review Link Creates a link for review and approve collaboration. 

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk. 

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