Your organization can have a "Desktop Admin" user that can install software, plugins, and adjust settings. These changes may require an administrator password. This article details best practices to maintain continuity with your workstations and your saved workstation image.

*Note: Once your BeBop User is assigned Desktop Admin privileges you may need to restart the workstation with your same user account for the privileges to be implemented.

To review permissions and features related to this privilege please see this article:

What is a Desktop Admin?

The best approach when making changes to your BeBop deployment is to utilize the "UAT" concept.

UAT - User Acceptance Testing 

With this approach any changes are tested on a single workstation to minimize the risk of incompatibility. First, the UAT system is updated, tested, and approved. Next, the updates can be done on other workstations or an update to the workstation image can be made.  

* Best practice is to choose a workstation that is not in your regular production rotation as your UAT. This prevents any slow down of production work.  

-  When doing updates or installs on the UAT machine be sure to write down the changes that are made and in what order. This will help to determine at what point things went wrong if they do.  


-  After updating or installing something it is always best to restart the workstation before testing. Often this warning will present itself within the Windows environment or installer.  

-  Make sure to test the functionality of the update and any dependencies or integrations. For example, if you update After Effects to use a new feature you would want to also test Premiere Pro if you are using dynamic linking.  

- After confirming that post-install functionality is nominal you can then proceed to update the other workstations in the pod.  

Production Continuity:

- It is very important for production continuity to track these changes so that if a workstation needs to be terminated and replaced you can quickly bring it back up to spec

- If your ORG has a prebuilt machine image these changes will need to be communicated with the BeBop team so that the image can be updated accordingly.  

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