This release includes an update to the Session Dashboard. The Session Dashboard will automatically update upon the first login into a BeBop workstation. 


Release Overview: 

In this release we are laying the groundwork for future enhancements to Rocket functionality and storage compatibility. 

We are always hard at work to make sure that the BeBop platform is performing flawlessly on all of the clouds that we support. In addition to the improvements highlighted below, we are constantly maintaining and optimizing our underlying platform technologies to provide the best and most secure experience for our users. 


What's New: 

BeBop Client software remains v.2.7.28/2.7.89 

MCP update to v.2.7.58 

Session Dashboard update to v.2.6.192 



Compatibility update for Session Dashboard 

  • The Session Dashboard has been updated to allow for mounting BeBop Projects with a wider range of capabilities. 

Compatibility update for Rocket 

  • Rocket functionality has now been enhanced to allow for data transfer between a wider range of storage solutions. 



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