BeBop Links allow BeBop users to create shareable URLs. These links enable both internal and external individuals to upload and download content directly to and from BeBop Projects (shared cloud storage). BeBop Links work with nearly any device with a web browser, and with all of the security and control you expect from BeBop.

BeBop Links can be created from your user account within the MCP or from within a workstation through the BeBop Workstation Dashboard. You can find instructions through these links:

- BeBop Links - RECEIVE - Using the MCP

- BeBop Links - SHARE - Using the MCP

- BeBop Links - SHARE - Using the Session Dashboard

BeBop Receive Links allows others to upload files to a BeBop Project. 

To create a BeBop RECEIVE Link through the Workstation Dashboard, follow these steps:

1. Login with the BeBop Desktop Client or zero client and start a workstation.

2. Mount the Project you will be using to receive files.

3. Select the 'BeBop Links' button at the top left next to 'Home.'  

4.  Select the blue 'Add+' button on the right.

5.  A pop up menu appears. Enter or change the relevant information. 

- You can limit transfers to preferred file types.

- You can limit the size of files being transferred.

- You can limit the number of files that can be sent.

- You can choose to drop the files to a specific folder inside a BeBop Project.

- You can write a note for the end user.

Click the 'Save' Button when done.

6.  Your BeBop Receive Link has now been created. 

7. Copy the link. Paste it in a browser to see the link.

8. There are a few options that can be modified with the settings wheel in the Workstation Dashboard. 

- Let's look at the "Protected" option. This is where you can determine the level of access to the BeBop Link location.

                      Sender's Protection Setting                                                Link receiver's Access Page 

Open access to anyone with a BeBop Link URL.
The user will be asked to login to BeBop before they can upload files. If 2FA is enabled for the user, they will be prompted for a 2FA.
The user will be prompted to enter a password that you choose.

9.  Email or message the BeBop Link to whoever needs access.  When they click on the link they will be presented with a web based uploader.  

10. The files will be available in your project

For any questions or problems, please create a ticket on the BeBop Helpdesk.

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